Wednesday 19th September 09:00 GST

Global Innovation Summit 2018

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Event description

Global Innovation Summit is the biggest innovation conference in the region attracting over 2000 high profile delegates consisting of Entrepreneurs, CXO’s, Tech gurus and Govt. Dignitaries. It has successfully completed 5 editions since it’s inception in 2013 and has so far attracted over 10,000 delegates.

Innovation leading to digital transformation is reshaping almost every aspect of the corporate business. As technologies advance – becoming more intelligent and self-taught – the opportunity to create more streamlined enterprises increases rapidly.

To ensure corporate innovation is sustainable and controllable, companies require precise collaboration, strong adaptability, extensive planning and the cooperation of all departments. Failure to do so could result in severe wastage of time, funds, and more importantly, customer loyalty. The question for executives then, is how do they harness the growing opportunities of digital transformation powered by intelligent machines, whilst ensuring they can manage both the adoption of technology and the management of existing workforces.

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